Unlucky Yet Lucky

Hello there ya three-headed elephants with two heads, how are you doing this morning? I’m doing well enough aside from the fact that our family’s car is flat with a nail right up through it so we can’t drive anywhere. This means no school for Riley, Brendan, and Saoirse. Which is good and bad at the same time depending on how you view it. But LUCKILY that means I get to watch The Walking Dead on a school day :D. By the way, I just started it so no spoilers please.

Yesterday I found my computer mouse, and this is helping a ton in Minecraft. Now that I can actually use the left click button, I realize that I am very good at Super Smash Mobs. I challenge everybody right now to fightttt meeeeeeeeeeeeee (in a video game).

How is your day going after reading this garbage post? Well I  hope.


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