Hello people, today Ms. Edmonson (the facilitator of Student Council) wrote a quick speech for me to give in front of my whole school tomorrow morning.

Good morning,

My name is Riley Chapman and I am the newly elected Student Council President, To the Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors, welcome to John Early. Today we celebrate the opening of our newest museum exhibit. Visitors, as you tour we hope you will enjoy your stay at John Early.

Thank you.

It’s a bit stuff for my liking, but i’m going to go with it because Ms. Edmonson told me to just say that. Normally I would be saying my own words and writing my own speeches, but because i’m new she wrote this for me, which I am glad for.

Also, now that i’m popular because I won, lots more people are actually paying attention to me and i’ve made a lot of new friends. Unfortunately, a bad side of this (in my opinion) is that a ton of girls are falling for me, which is kind of annoying. One person keeps touching my hair in the hallways, so meh.

That’s really all I have to say for now, see ya later and,


2 thoughts on “Speech

    1. xD I know how you feel. Back in 6th grade I kind of had like 7 friends and that’s it and I was jealous of popular people too, but I feel like I would rather go back to being a nobody than have multiple people walk up to me and swear up down and sideways that they’re dating me when they aren’t lol

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