Presidential Pumpkin Sleepover

That title though

Hello there ya people of the universe, today I just have a post to fill the enlarging void that is inactivity on this blog. I won the Student Council Election so i’m now the President of the Student Council at a school i’ve been attending for 3 months. So that’s cool.

Me and Jamie had a sleepover in which we mostly just played this one super hard game on Mineplex called Pumpkin King’s Revenge (I think). Welp I got home a bit ago and I tried some more on my own and beat it 😀

Now that may not seem very difficult but TRUST ME IT IS.

In other news, we are still consistently growing in followers despite me not posting often, which is kind of weird. I think I might start a new series just to force me to post everyday about the Minecraft Realm that all my friends play on. (Jamie, Maz, Jordan, Iverson, ect..) Before anyone asks, no i’m sorry but you can’t join. Jordan owns the realm and doesn’t want to add any more people to it.

So that’s the post for today. Enjoy. Bask in it’s glory. Or not.


20 thoughts on “Presidential Pumpkin Sleepover

      1. I literally lost my house. I mean, I walked away to get some supplies, and then I couldn’t find the way back to my house, and then I built another one, and the zombies destroyed one of the walls.


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