Good News

My last post was horrific. All my posts are horrific.

In more interesting news, a friend of ours named Jordan might become an author. I can’t make any promises, but she was making a wordpress account this morning and we’ve been talking about this for quite sometime… Jordan’s really cool, and (sorta) funny so yeah.

In really stellar news, my melatonin levels went up, up, up! I don’t think any of you know this, but I have insomnia so this is amazing news! My therapist says I won’t have to take any more sleeping pills and my sleep levels should be going up. She also says my depression is getting better, and although I won’t be cured (she doubts I ever will be) I’ll be getting better. Her exact words were, “You’re making progress, Maz.” I’m making progress!!

Anyway, I’m going to watch Last Week Tonight, and have a splendid day!

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