Free Lunch #6

Hello there, i’m going to be starting at 6:58. If you don’t know the rules of Free Lunch, I basically just have to keep typing for 5 minutes straight.

All right here we go can’t stop for another 5 minutes. In school, today is Wacky Tacky day, but i’m not going to participate because they told me I couldn’t wear an old halloween costume, a gray-haired wig, a green fedora, and a Harry Potter scarf. But oh well. Since it’s Friday we have no band practice, only gym! I actually like gym even though a lot of other people don’t because the teacher is a bit strict. When it’s nice outside the teacher lets us go out and just kinda lounge around a massive field, which is really good for practicing Soccer. My brother is reading over my shoulder like the brother he is. Today all my projects are also due, and I finished most of them aside from the Claws packet and the thousand math questions, but the teachers said I could turn those in later. Also, it’s my mom’s birthday, but unfortunately she just threw up all over the stairs. So uh. Not a happy birthday so far.

That’s the end it’s 7:03 and thanks for reading so far, don’t forget to participate in the contest, *looks at chipchompdoodles, OY30, storiesbystacy, zoe2600, and toni1964blog*

I’m waiting.

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