Rileys Backpack Food Art Contest #2

Heylo everybody, since we have exceptionally grown in active followers since the last Food Art Contest, I think it’s time for another one! I know we’ll get even more entries this time, and steeper competition if I can get the elusive OY30 to try.

Basically, if you don’t remember the rules from last time, there are two categories, Food and Drawings. You can only have one entry for both categories, so choose wisely.

To compete in the Food category, you’re going to want to run to your kitchen and find some food that describes you. Or maybe just something that looks funny. Anyways, you draw a face on it some way, whether it be with a sharpie, your fingernail, or some knife from the drawer.

To compete in the Drawing category, you need to just grab a piece of paper and draw your very own original food character!

One change from last time is that now, the categories are judged separately, so that the people who doodle on food have a chance against experienced artists. Winners of each category get different prizes 😀

For the Food category, the prize is author on the blog for a month. That’s a long time. A very, very long time. That means you get to post on Rileys Backpack! Eh, it’s an ok prize.

For the Drawing category, i’m going to be designing a new backdrop for the blog. Right now it’s some crappy MS paint Dum Cheese and Rileys Backpack along with a few false topics, such as Minecraft, Comics, and CHEESE. Anyways, everyone who submits a drawing gets to be in the backdrop, but the winner has a bigger copy than everyone else on there.

If you want to enter the contest, either make a post on your blog with a picture of your art and tell me you posted it down in the comments (I miss a lot of you guys’s posts because school is horrible), or just post the image itself in the comments, which I think is possible.

Anyways, good luck, the due date is next Wednesday!


22 thoughts on “Rileys Backpack Food Art Contest #2

  1. Oh yeah, sorry I posted two entries for the drawing category and none for the food portion, I did draw a face on an apple, but someone threw it away, and I didn’t read the part about only one entry in each category. Sorry. :”|


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