Review #2 Undertale

Quick message right here, my scheduled post didn’t post, so I have to submit it on Friday. I am sorry, here is the POST!

Hey guys! For this weeks review, I will be reviewed one of the most beloved games in history. Five Nights At Freddy’s  Undertale!

I played this game on kind of a disaster of a play through on this blog (again, sorry for that), and I really enjoyed it! It is a very popular RPG with a slight twist. There are different routes to take. For instance, you could play through the game not killing anyone, or you could play through killing EVERYONE! There are different ending whichever way you do.

It is funny, fun, and teaches some important real world lessons. In a world where first person shooters are all the rage, Undertale explores the ramifications of killing mercilessly, as most games will have you do.

The combat system (or sparing system I guess) is really interesting in this game. It is cool and breaks the fourth wall within combat in cool ways. It is actually pretty hard to explain, so you can just watch a play-through.

Undertale Gets……..


And way more letters than necessary.


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