Life Update #1

Alright let’s go.

My school just let out for fall break, and I have good grades. I remembered to take my saxophone and music notebooks home for Fall Break, so I can practice piano and saxophone over Fall Break. I have cooked bread and cookies, and maybe brownies or something later in the week. I go to my grandparents on Friday, so until then it is cooking, posting, and running or walking around the neighborhood.

I made some duct tape creations, and I think I might start a store on etsy. I am honing my skills, and pictures will come in subsequent posts.

I’m watching a lot of YouTube, and I just found out Good Mythical Morning didn’t win streamy’s show of the year :(.

So I’m pretty sure that is it, so I will see you in the next post. GoodBAIIIIIIII!

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