Bonus Meal #1!

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Cooking with Jamie

Hello people!

Today I will  be bringing you a bonus meal for this week, because I decided too.

Today, I had a delicious meal.

Displaying IMG_0117.JPG

Delicious rice & beans, sliced cucumbers, orange slices, and some chocolate covered blueberries to finish off the meal on a sweet note.


This meal was premade!

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Today, I will be giving my personal tips for how to make a simple meal delicious, filling, and beautiful.

Step One:

What are you in the mood for? I was looking at what I had, and I saw the premade rice and beans that had been floating around my pantry for a while. They looked good to me, and I started to plan out my meal.

Step Two

What goes along with what you want? I saw cucumbers in my fridge, and some canned mandarin oranges, and the meal took shape in my mind.

Step Three

What did…

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