Free Lunch #5

Veryyy late 😛

Hello there ya people it’s 4:59, I’m starting at 5.. waiting.. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiiiiiiiiiiitingggggggggggggg

Ahh this is taking forever


So my brother Brendan finished Undertale the other day. But more weird stuff awaits! If you didn’t know, I ride the MTA bus home everyday. Yesterday, everything was going normally, and I was getting up from my chair as the bus rolled to a stop near my house. But then a car hits the back of us, and everything kinda surges forward for a moment, and zips back into place. The car behind us stopped so suddenly after hitting us that there was a bit orbs chain reaction, and a bunch of cars got hit. Since I was so close to my house, I got out and got ready to cross the busy road with no crosswalk. But then there’s an old man driving a lawn mower down the other side of the road, making traffic horrendous and unorganized. By the time I got across, someone had called the cops and they showed up at the accident. As I was told later, I should have stayed and waited for the police to come so they could make sure no one was hurt. But I’m not hurt so :D. Overall a weird adventure on the bus. My times up, annnnd


7 thoughts on “Free Lunch #5

  1. I had a time like that in 6th or 7th grade PREPARE FOR STORIES.
    I had an hour long bus drive those two years, everyday I got on that bus and the driver whined and complained about the fact that I lived an hour away rather than the fact that she agreed to drive it.
    So, after my hour long bus drive, we finally got the school. So the bus line was the same thing as the regular car line, and you know how school buses are taller than cars, it usually doesn’t end up well.
    Anyway, I got there and we lurched forward. My fucking bus driver thought it would be funny to just drive forward and see what happened. We Hoyt the back of another bus, our windshield cracked, their back window cracked, one girl got a neck injury, and the other driver sued. And I was still told to go to class. It was a shitty day. BUT IT GETS BETTER!
    About 6 months later I got some mail. I popped that shit open and it was a court order. Because I don’t know how to spell the one that starts with S. Meaning I got called into court. My bus driver got sued in traffic court and the funniest thing I’ve ever heard happened there. There was woman who wanted money or something because she ran into a pole and got a concussion. The judge -and this is the funny part- went through a list of about 10 years of fuck-ups INCLUDING, one from the same day. Anyway, when it was our turn, literally everyone else from my bus was there. The people there were not particularly amused that about 20 kids who could not give less of a shit were laughing and skipping school at the same time.
    That was my fun and not as related as I thought story. I hope you enjoyed it m8

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