American Debate Conversation

In my opinion, HILLARY KICKED THE CRAP OUTTA TRUMP, but some of you may have different ideas. Let’s see what this area of the blogosphere thinks about tonight’s debate. Lets go!!!!

40 thoughts on “American Debate Conversation

  1. Hillary Clinton did bait Trump quite a bit but I think she needs to attack him more aggressively. Trump’s attacks on Muslims, Mexicans and African Americans are UNACCEPTABLE.

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  2. I noticed that Hilary was super confident. I mean, she was always smiling, even when Trump was accusing her of something, and she barely interrupted him at all, like she had no need to defend herself. I’m not saying she’s arrogant or anything like that, I just mean what she did was pretty dangerous, ’cause some people would say that by not defending herself, she was admitting herself to be guilty.

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