Netflix Shows

Cause I have nothing else to talk about.

1) The West Wing
I finished it a while ago but it’s still awesome and I already rewatched a bunch of episodes. The show is about the staff in the White House trying to run a country. It’s awesome.
2) psych 

All lowercase. A great show from the early 21st Century. It is about a very smart man who pretends to be a psychic to solve mysteries. The guy who played his best friend also plays a guy on the west wing. 


I know I’m behind the times.

But it’s awesome, I finished the first season.

4) Sherlock

Still behind the times. But I watched every episode (except one) and I can’t wait for the season debut this New Years Day.

5) The Dick Van Dike show. 

Verrrrry behind the times…

It is funny though, and something for me to watch without having to sit down and pay attentions. Basically it’s a great sitcom starring Dick Van Dike.

6) Supergirl

It’s alright. It’s about supermans younger cousin. I watched the pilot.

Yeah, so those are my Netflix shows right now. Leave a comment if you saw any of these shows.

And, watch out for my attempt at pancake art on my cooking blog tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Netflix Shows

  1. Well I didn’t want to go on and on about how she was sent after Superman to protect him on earth but she was sucked into a cosmic distortion that froze time for her and … I’m doing it, aren’t I?


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