My Top 10 Worst Posts

This was supposed to go out yesterday, but instead of scheduling the post like I asked, WordPress decided it would delete everything. Nevertheless, let’s begin this countdown to failure!

10. Number #1 MInecraft – Who needs an incomplete, outdated guide with about half of it misspelled? Also, the # sign means number, so you can translate that to Number Number 1 MInecraft.

9. I Am Going To Do The Ice Bucket Challenge! – Hey, Longest Post Of All Time? Meet Shortest Post Of All Time!!

8. Dum Cheese – I actually kind of like the flag..

7. QwikPick Papers and Fake Mustache – Yes great entitle an entire post to tell us you read a book. When you read like 6 books a week. Great idea.

6. 150 Followers – aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

5. Video Games: The Major Motion Paragrapgh – Just keep telling yourself you can write, 2013 Riley… Also, way to spell Paragraph correctly..

4. 100! YAY! YAY! YAY! –  That’s a $10 fine for one too many YAYs..

3. Our Friend Henry Moved To Maine – WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa

2. Random Blob of Writing – maybe I just fell asleep while typing, and my head hit the keyboard?

1. Top 10 Worst Posts – what was I thinking..

That’s all for a long time. Until my writing ability increases so much that I can look back at the posts I write these days and say they are the absolute scum of the earth.

Till then.


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