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Free Lunch #4

Hello ya people, earlier I started this with my phone, and I got to 2 minutes, but I had to go, and it deleted my draft :I . Luckily i’m here now. You should know that after I typed Luckily, I got distracted and started looking at the Facebook page that I never use, but i’m here now! I’m going to start now!

I’m going to Domesticated Violence/Red Locker/And Modest Too band practice this afternoon. It seems to me that this school week ended up being shorter than last school week, Friday is here already, and I had such big plans for this week. Oh well xD, i’ll try next week. Did I tell you guys I’m running for Student Council President at my new school? I think I actually have a chance at winning, even though my political rival Ella is very determined. But i’m determined too.  Here’s a picture of the poster me and Saoirse and Paul made. It was mostly Paul, and barely Saoirse, and I colored a ton of it in, and it looks AWESOME!

Vote me ;)
Vote me 😉

In other news, Fallen is nearly ready for release ;O. It’s crazy seeing how big the map has gotten, and how many hours i’ve logged in to get it that way. I had so much trouble with the first boss battle that the second on should be much, much, easier. Also, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY UNDERTALE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!! It’s crazy that it’s been a whole year since you were released, especially since I thought I was like 1 million years late to join the party. Anyways, time’s up, how are you all doing today? Great? No? Meh?


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