Clash Of Clans War – Polar Cheese Vs. BOYKA.504

The start of this war was the culmination of my clan activity campaign. We had 7 people on at the start of war, and we’re able to get 27 out of 30 stars in the first 35 minutes. I call that skills. Alex is using GoWiPe on 1, so I’m predicting that will be a two or three star attack, oeavig us with 29 or 30 stars out of 30 total 😛


Anyways, since most of the fighting is already done, here’s a report!

Best Attack: jett’s attack on 4 takes the cake with this one, considering he is 6 or something. Perfect three star attack with hardly any mistakes. 


(Estimated) Final Score: 29-7

To our colleagues in BadAtClashing. They are adding OFFICIAL arranged wars to Clash of Clans soon, so we can finally do our war!!!!


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