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Pokèmon Go – My Best Buddy Growlithe

A few weeks ago I deleted Pokémon Go because it took up too much space. But noooooow, I can redownload it because I have a little bit more space leftover! Also, who doesn’t want a Pokèbuddy?

In the new update, they made it so that you can attach a Pokemon as your buddy, kinda like a favorite. When you walk around, there’s a distance meter just like hatching eggs, only when you walk a certain amount of kilometers it gives you a free candy. For me it’ll be giving me a Growlithe candy 😀

I’m going to be going out walking when I get home, and I’ll take my phone so I can play the game and simultaneously write stuff down for you guys who for some reason care xP.

11 Hours Later

I just got back from walking around the neighborhood hunting for those elusive Pokemon. There was a Dratini on the nearby. Guess what?!?!?!?!?




It disappeared, never to be seen again :I . I caught a single Pidgey on my 45 minute walk. It was a bust, but I did advance quite a bit on my buddy Growlithe so that I can get his candies.

Overall, very disappointing haul, but hey, there’s tomorrow right?

Breaking News! Tomorrow cancelled, instead we’re going to be having another today! How exciting, am I right?

Nevermind, I bet on Today 2.0 were going to have much better luck!



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