Adventure Science Center TV Audition

Long story short, it was a fail.
The Adventure Science Center is a massive building, with tons of learning stuff to do, only it’s built like a playground so it’s actually fun. They apparently decided they were going to make a 52 episode educational TV show, so they sent out a bunch of letters to kids who make good grades at different schools. As you have probably deduced, I was one of those kids. 

We got there at about 1:45 to wait in line for the opening of auditions at 3. Luckily I remembered to bring my book, Cress. At about 2:50 one of the people who worked there came out to do a science show about electricity, which was pretty cool, only I was the only one there who knew the answers to his questions. As he moved down the line to entertain other people, I got number, which was 14. That means I only had about 9 minutes to memorize a paragraph and a half AND make it sound good to professionals.

I tied valiantly, but I was unable to say it right, and ended up stuttering and forgetting a line 😦


35 thoughts on “Adventure Science Center TV Audition

    1. I’ll catch a break someday lol. I do too much not to succeed in something. I started playing Trumpet, I have the blog which is rapidly growing, I’m an eh artist, I make comics, I’m average at Soccer and I’m running for Student Council President at my school 😀
      Ps not trying to brag


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