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Free Lunch #3

​Sorry I missed last week’s, I just completely forgot about it. The time is 4:36 and I’m starting now..

Ok go!! Today is actually Wednesday for me :O. I’ve scheduled this post, and it will explode after Agents Molder and Scully have read it. I’m about to go home and fail to Sanstale. Maybe before my brother fails to Undertale xD. I might work a bit on Fallen Human later tonight, but no promises. So far I’ve logged in about 13 hours on the Fallen Human map, most of it spent away from the game looking for the perfect command. At school, I’m probably leaving my 9th grade Physical Science class, because it’s screwing up my schedule really bad even though I’m doing relatively well in it. Some kid spit on me at school today annnnd out times up. Thanks for reading, and I’d like to remind you that this was written on a Phone so you don’t think I type uber slow.

Cya L8R!!


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