How To: Ruin Any School Computer

Hello there ya lovely people, today i’m going to be teaching you how to screw up school computers. Y’know how most computers or laptops at school have like 15 different test-taking and typing programs. That makes it easy

STEP ONE: Make sure no teachers are watching. Otherwise you’re done for..

STEP TWO: Drag your mouse while holding down left click to make one of those selecting blue boxes. Position it around all the icons, then, once it’s all selected and good, right click and then hit open.

Since school computers are pretty slow, this will postpone it for a while, and baffle anyone who doesn’t know how to use Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Not sure why you would want to ruin educating computers, but hey, whatever.

32 thoughts on “How To: Ruin Any School Computer

  1. Cool. You should check out comixbyasupergame(r).wordpress.com. My little brother made it, but it’s actually pretty funny. Oh, and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. I changed my site address to storiesbystaci(e).wordpress.com, for legal reasons. 😉


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