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LOTE: Elvess

​The town of Elvess is the second town you find in your adventures. You can get there by taking the ferry from Flease to the dock in Elvess. The town is made up of 6 buildings. 


Fancy Inn

Town Hall

Police Station

Skate Park

Rollo Factory

Everyone in the town is very unhealthy, because the only food options are McRonald’s Burgers, and Chocolate Rollos. Here is some more information on the town..

McRonalds: Standard McRonalds, the cashier is a squeaky voiced elf, who’s text will crack instead of their voice cracking.

Fancy Inn: The Fancy Inn, is operated by a single elf woman, who runs the entire place on her own. Constantly busy, it’s hard to get a room, because she only shows up at the register every 4 minutes. During other times, you can find her working around the place, either cooking, cleaning, or showing people to their rooms.

Town Hall: A normal town hall, with an ape mayor.

Police Station: This one has no backroom, but instead has a haunted basement that has a mini game in it. The Police Chief is a hyperactive Cheetah.

Skate Park: The skate park is full of Moody teenagers who will fight you if you walk in front of them while they are skating. There is a snack bar there too, but to get to it you have to zigzag through angry skaters.

Rollo Factory: The doors never open, and never close. Unless you have reputation over 100, which isn’t happening anytime soon 🙂

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