OY30 Joint Story Writing!

Once upon a time, me and OY30 decided to do a collab. This is that collab. Enjoy it’s weirdness

There was once a dragon who lived in the Magical land of Brolandia, where everyone hated Lachlan and there was a young cheese named Antonio who was being drawn on a river.

But meanwhile, in the alternate reality of Food World, a battle against good was happening, because OY30 was quickly catching up to DumCheese’s follower count. And also the amount of active followers OY30 had was bigger since DumCheese wasn’t putting enough effort to his posts. Even though Dum was trying heroically to increase his fan base, and was pouring his SOUL into writing pointless drivel ;-;.

Wow.. that tiny two paragraphs was the creation of like 40 comments..

Shout-out to OY30, he is catching up, so good job him 😀


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