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Nonu and The Dark Mask

A short story I made for English class.

A long time ago, two of the greatest sorcerers of all time worked together to create the Dark mask. It’s powers were many, but the main advantage of wearing the mask was the ability to shapeshift into anyone alive.

Not long after it was made, the two began to argue over who would be allowed use the mask. A fight broke out, lasting hours, but eventually one triumphed over the other. He abused the mask’s power, and a few years later, died of Leprosy.


2131, January 6th

    Nonu slid the mask onto his face, his features almost molding with it after six years of use. He casually strolled down the foyer of Soe Tower, his worst nemesis’s tallest skyscraper and place of residence. Morphed into a security guard named Bill, the main secretary even waved at him as he walked past her towards the elevator in the center of the building.

    Ever since Nonu had found the mask in a construction site when he was 11, Octa Soe had been hot on his trail, trying to nab the mask for her own maniacal purposes. As Nonu pressed the elevator button, his mind zipped back to the first time he had encountered Soe. It had been a hot, muggy June afternoon, and Nonu was lying down on a park bench in New York City, when she had just walked over and sat down on the bench directly beside him. She explained that she had been gathering data about him ever since he had found the mask, and then began describing to him the torture methods she would use to get the mask out of him if he didn’t give it to her. Although all common sense dictated towards giving her the mask, Nonu’s heart pointed the opposite direction, and he bolted away from her. That night, he had nightmares envisioning himself being tortured to death.

Shuddering, Nonu blinked back to reality. The elevator was cranking itself up to the top of the building, all the while making a sad grinding noise, as if to remind Nonu of the risk he was taking trying to kill Octa. He reached the top floor. Completely made of smooth, stainless steel, this floor of Soe Tower was home to the most important people. With offices in a circle around him, Octa’s door was labeled clearly in bright red ink. As he walked towards the door, a lingering wave of dread washed over him, reminding him of the dire consequences of tonight. Tonight was the last straw.

He got to the metallic door, and it automatically opened in front of him. Sitting at her desk, was Octa, busy with paperwork. As he walked in,her instincts kicked in, and she grabbed the gun sitting next to her and trained it on him. Seeing it was only the security guard, she put it back in her drawer.

“Bill, what are you doing in my office at this hour?”

Nonu breathed a sigh of relief, glad that he had kept this form, and glad he hadn’t gotten shot to bits before the fight even began. Gathering all the courage he could, he leapt towards her, while at the same time tearing off the mask and shoving it in his pocket. As he ripped the mask off, a shroud of light surrounded him, and his form reverted to the original 17 year-old boy that he was without the mask. He collided with Octa. Off-guard, she tumbled to the ground with him, and made a quick move to open the drawer. Nonu foresaw this, and shot his arm over, stopping her from reaching her destination. He put his arms around her throat, and began strangling the woman that had ruined his life. She kicked him off, and he flew across the room, hitting the wall and slumping to the ground, defeated.

Octa grabbed the gun and began walking towards him, an evil grin spreading across her face like a virus. She decided she was actually going to ensue those painful methods she had told him about earlier. As she made the first shot with her gun, aiming for his stomach, with his last grasp of strength, he pulled the mask up and put it in the way of the bullet. Appalled by what she had done, Octa dropped the gun, and Nonu began to stand up. But it was too late. Cracks of light began to seep across the map, spilling it’s very essence onto the floor. Octa and Nonu both confused, the light took the form of the original makers, and the sorcerer who died first started laughing at the two of them.

“What could possibly be so hilarious at this moment? The last 5 years i’ve just spent searching for this, you, have gone to complete waste!”, Octa furiously vented at the wizard.

He continued to laugh, and Octa picked up the gun, and shot the light-creature. The laughing stopped. The sorcerer straightened his back, cracked his knuckles, and began to turn into a strange red light. When the transformation was complete, he only said two words.

“Mask bad”

Apparently not getting the message, Octa continued to shoot him, shrieking at the top of her lungs some unintelligible banter. The sorcerer got sick of her and snapped. She disappeared, and so did everything else in New York City. A thriving city instantly transformed into a barren wasteland, just because of the greediness of one person.

Somewhere in the afterlife, the other wizard chuckled to himself, thinking that they got what had been coming to them.

-Riley Chapman

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