LOTE: Characters

Hey you, this is the LOTE post for the week. Hope you enjoy even tho all the good stuff is (SPOILER)ed.

Player – Prospers brother. Fate decided by YOU!

Prosper – Your brother, who turns out to be a fantastic martial-artist, once trained. He is younger than you, funny, and pure. If you (SPOILER). If you BEFRIEND ALL, right as (SPOILER) is about to kill you, he (SPOILER) and saves you, giving you time for either a final attack or a plead for peace.

Waltex – A human who came to the land hundreds of years ago, a murderer and conquerer, he took control of the land, and enforced strict laws. He is a powerful magician, and was trapped in the land by a curse made by one of his enemies. He is cruel and the smartest creature in the land.

Angry Merchant – Prosper tries to steal some food from him, so he goes after you. He is, essentially, an Angry Merchant. His battle sentences are all about money, and his boss-side battle is coins falling, and you have to dodge them.

The Wrong Guy – Remember when your parents always said, sometime, your going to say the wrong thing to the wrong guy. The Wrong Guy is frustrated after you make a small comment on him needing to get a haircut. He is very angry, and his sentences are burning you, disgracing your haircut, shoes, and clothes. His boss-side battle is scissors chopping across the screen, and hair falling that you have to avoid. You can find him in Warm Watertown.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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