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Undertale Ep 3 – SO HARD! +Apologies

First off, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Just doing other stuffs.


Anyway, today I bring you my 3rd and penultimate (look it up, it means second to last) Undertale play-through.

So I fought Undyne, who was kinda hard to beat. I finally beat her and then went back to hand out with her. We did XTREME COOKING and then I left. I went to the hotlands, which is a hot place. I went to a lab and met a brilliant Dr. Alphys, Royal Scientist to King Asgore Dreemur. I met this robot that she created (Mettaton)and he almost killed me. I completed a series of puzzles with Alphys helping me all the way. Then I fought this spider lady, and on the 4th try I beat her.

Then I went to the Mettaton hotel and bought overpriced Mettaton Merch. I talked to Sans the Skeleton, and then I went to a building where I went to the end. I met Mettaton and fought him, and finally after about a hundred tries I beat him.

I moved up to the Castle, where I talked to Sans the Skeleton. He told me that I was doing great for not killing anyone. Then I met the KING!


To be continued….


Next Episode!!!



This game Undertale is awesome. Play it and tell me about it in the comments.

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