Don’t Hate The Slime!

​Hello random passerby? Drawn to me by my amazing vocabulary and even cooler face? No?

Click Me To Actually Play It, But I encourage you to read this first 😀

Anywayz, today I’m here to talk to you about a game I made on Scratch, which is much better than any other game I have made on Scratch. It’s called ‘Dont Hate The Slime’ 

The main plot is you getting #MLGPROSHREKT360NOSCOPED by a slime who your RPG character randomly attacks to get EXP. The Slime is not very happy with this, and it turns out, he can turn into a much more challenging opponent than a simple slime made for grinding. So far, the game has three main sequences. 

1- You hit the slime, and there is a bit of dialogue.

2- The M-slime flips out, and fires LAZERS at you.

3- The M-slime, impressed with your intellectual abilities, gives you a much harder maze to do.

As of now, that’s it, and both of the attacks are pretty easy to stop. But it’s still pretty cool. I recommend reading the instructions on the side before you start though 😀


P. S. There is more stuff in the game now lol, this post was scheduled..

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