LOTE: Warm Waterton

This is the town of Warm Waterton. Leave some feedback if you will. And maybe if you request a building I’ll put it in, because the town is a bit small ATM.

A small town you find by the Petriloa Mountain Range.

1- Nonu’s Barbershop, a marvelous place where you can cut and style your beautiful hair.

2- Mr. HoBo’s Junk Stand, where you can get some pretty cool random stuff.

3- Town Hall, pretty run of the mill. The mayor is sad that his wife left him to go work for Waltex in Capitol City.

4- A coming soon sign is over the door, but it is secretly a elf rebellion meeting place.

There are 3 houses. Mr. HoBo owns two of them, as he is extremely wealthy, after making millions selling junk to other rich people. 

1- Mr. HoBo’s first house, which he lives in with his nephew, Timmy.

2- Mr. HoBo’s second house, which is mostly full of junk that he hasn’t sold yet, or rare cheeses that he is aging.

3. The mayor and Nonu are roomates, as neither of them can afford Mr. HoBo’s steep rental rates on their own. 

Sorry if my writing skills aren’t the best


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