Bank Robbery (7th Grade)

Hey there.. here’s a rewritten version of what went out yesterday!

Once upon a time in the magical land of Borcraftia, there were two partners in crime, so notorious that when any law-enforcer heard their name, they shook in their boots. These particular two thieves were named Fred and George. Fred was the master manipulator, always plotting to get the most money out of each raid. George however, was actually a relatively nice guy, who was only helping Fred so he could feed his child, whose mother passed away many a year ago.

As they woke up on the bright and sunny morning of their biggest heist yet, Fred, being the jerk he is, thought to himself about stealing all the money for himself. While they were traveling on horseback to the largest bank in Borcraftia, Fred explained to George that he wanted him to distract the bank teller, by launching minor hacking attacks at the mainframe while Fred secretly used a diamond-tipped drill to get into the bank’s back. George began throwing the easy-to-stop attempts to get the money at the female bank-teller sitting 20 feet away from him, and they began to talk. 

Meanwhile, Fred had gotten into the Bank, and loaded as much as he could onto his debit card. He started to stroll out the hole he created when George (and the bank teller, whose name turned out to be Phoenix), strutted in, stopping him and calling the police.  

Fred and George were both sent to prison afterwards. George got 6 months, but Fred ended up with 20 years, as they discovered all the numerous other crimes he had commited on his own. A few months after George got out, he started dating Phoenix and they got married about a year later,  finally giving  George’s daughter a mom.

BTW, I could probably add a lot more details and SHOW not TELL you this, like I did for that Pokémon story. But I’m lazy so


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