Bank Robbery (4th Grade)

I wrote this in 4th grade, so don’t judge too hard.

One day in the magical land of Borcraftia, two robbers were preparing for what they thought, would be the biggest Bank Robbery of the century. The first man, George, thought that if he robbed the bank with his friend, he could achieve great things with the unlimited wealth that they would have. The second man, Fred, thought that if he robbed the bank with his friend, he could make his friend trust him and then in the middle of the night sneak off with the money.

The next day both the thief’s walked up to the town bank of Ramingham. Fred, being the smartest, told George that one of them should distract the teller while the other man went into the safe. George stood beside the teller desk asking the lady stupid questions like, “Whats does the safe have in it?” and “Who runs the bank when it rains?” The teller was very nice so she didn’t mind telling the man all of his questions. 

Meanwhile, Fred was in the ventalation of the bank locating the safe room. “Hmm, I wonder if I could sneak of with the money before he even finds out I have it.” “Yes, i’ll take the money away from here and live a wealthy life without sharing it.”
Fred grabbed the loot out of the safe after blowing it with dynamite. He climbed out the small window in the teller’s office. “HA! I own this loot!” “I stole it myself from the safe!” A police officer was standing near and overheard. “The only thing you will own is a toothbrush.” “I’m taking you in!” The police officer dragged him down the street towards the jail. George months later asked the teller to marry him and they lived happily ever after. Except for Fred. He lived the rest of his life in prison.
That’s it, the next part (rewritten by me with slightly new story) will be out tomorrow.

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