The Feels.. 

Last night I was lookin around the blog for spelling mistakes. I looked in the Other Coolio Websites tab and clicked mrsjostudents. 

Which for those of you who don’t know, mrsjostudents is the blog I made for my 4th grade class 3 years ago. Most of the people in our class posted every once and a while, and those feels hit me so hard while I was reading stuff my old friends, old enemies, and even old me said. 

I even found some old stories I wrote that never got posted on here, so I’ll put it out later today as new content 🙂

No, just kidding, I’m going to put it out there with a rewritten version, to see who is a better writer, 10 year old Riley, or 13 year old Riley. What do you think? You think I should get a life? OH YEA, WELL I THINK YOU SHO–


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