PlugPack Lineup So Far!

I’m doing this 😀


Dumcheese is joining the series too now guys! If you look at the comments of the prologue you’ll see your behind-the-scenes conversation!

And I also got a text from colechicken saying they’ll be on.

So the Crazy Cousins Crew, plus Brandon and Dumcheese, will all be on the server! This is a good starting lineup so far guys.

All players will be opped, as promised by me, your main host. 🙂

I’m super excited to be collaborating with all these wonderful people, on this multiplayer SMP on #AternosUnlimited.

No mods needed to play. Just have Minecraft PC up before 5PM Central Time Zone (6PM Eastern Time Zone). Please leave your usernames in the comments so I can whitelist you guys @colechicken @xer345 @brandon @dumcheese

– badatgaming130

IP: (Episode 1 starts at 5PM Central Time!)

Friends’ Links:

Xer345: hehasnowebsite.lololol

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