Clash of Clans War – Polar Cheese VS GARMSAR BAX

​Hello there, ya humanoids, today I’m gonna tell ya about our last war, against the slightly sucky GARMSAR BAX. Now, I have no idea how we won this war, because the enemy got a TWENTY star lead in the first 20 minutes. Normally that would have discouraged us, but we were just too filled with determination to get to 70 wins. Their luck started to run out after their 2 failed on Dark Hound (our 4). After that, their team became, let’s say, unenthusiastic about winning. Because we caught up to a 28-23. They got a two star on one of the lowish bases and brought the final score to:

Polar Cheese, 28, 99.70%

GARMSAR BAX, 25, 89.20%

What was dissapointing about this war was that we were LITERALLY, 2 seconds away from three stars on 1 and 7. NanoDG got a frickin 99% Two Star on #1. I wonder how he feels about his life choices. I attacked 7 on James, and only got a 97% two star, because I wasn’t paying much attention. But I suppose that wraps up the post.

Most Heroic Attack: NanoDG 99% two star

Worst Attack: Rafli 33% 0 star

FINAL: 28-25
P. S. Me and Cam are working on getting our arranged war goin again! Hopefully this time it works. But I need to talk to him about what exactly the start time is lol.

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