Pokémon Bus Adventure

​Hello there ya Cooleo people, today I’m going to be telling you about some of the CRAAAAZIEST, WAAAAACKIEST, MOST INSAAAAAANE things to EVER happen to a Pokémon Go player as they ride the bus casually. But before we begin, a small preview:

Riley: Oh a pokestop.. crap I missed it.

Jamie: I got it

Riley: ughhhhhhh

Anyways, let’s get on with it!! 

The time is Noè and mg keyboard gas switched to italiano. Sorry my keyboard switched to Italian xD.

So getting on the bus, on the way to the station, I caught a Polliwag, Pidgey, and Abra. Along with a load of Pokéstops. I’m nearly to level 17 now, and I gotta go now to catch Pokémon on the way to my house! 

5 Hours Later

Ok, it’s night now. I totally forgot to write all my Pokécrap down, but while I was there, I got a few screenshots, WHICH APPARENTLY DISAPPEARED… THANKS POKEMON GO!

(Here is a picture of my bus money to soothe the nerves. It was like this when I got it)

Anyways, looking back at the journal record things, it looks like I got like 30 Pokéstops, and caught 4 Pokémon. There was a 708CP Pidgeot there too. I used 8 Great Balls and 6 Razz Berries trying to catch that thing. Birds are beasts. They can’t be caught. It also didn’t help that it was waaaaaay back in the screen, so I was having trouble hitting it with curveballs. And then it just ran away. Such disrespect. 

Mafia Riley: Have that Pidgeot’s family killed.

No I would never hurt an innocent bird! *types while eating chicken* uhhhhh…


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