LOTE: Bosses and More Game Mechanics

​Note: there are bound to be updates! So don’t despair, instead, send in suggestions.


These are the two first BOSSES:

Angry Merchant – The first boss in the game, angry that Prosper stole some fruit from him. His side-battle is coins falling, and his sentences are about how theft harms the economy, and how he wants to punish you for the grievous crime you have commited.

The Neighborhood Kids – The second boss you normally encounter. They are at the end of the road in the town of Elvess. They will challenge you to a fight, and Prosper accepts excitedly, ready to (SPOILER). He talks to them periodically, but usually just heals you up as you either kill the kids, or win the side-battle soccer game. Their sentences are about silly kids things, like wanting candy and going to bed later.

Send in a boss suggestion of ya want lol

These are some extra game mechanics added.

Also, in boss battles, see Bosses, there is another special mechanic at play. There is a bullet rain type side-battle going on, where you have to dodge certain attacks while you type.

For each boss, the attacks vary.

If you want to kill the enemy you encounter, you press fight, if you want to show mercy or bribe, you click talk. When you fight, you have to type in sentences like ‘You swing your weapon at (enemy name)’. If you chose talk, you type in what they ask you to type, and they might ask you to play a mini-game.

Also, taking Pauseen’s suggestion in, I’ll change save to Tab or something, so that people who are used to using the WSAD keys to move, can do that if they wish.

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