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Undertale Ep. 2 Dating a Skeleton

So it is time! Time for Undertale!!!!

I absolutely love this game (even tho it’s pretty old news. 

I forgot to record my self playing through Undertale this time, so my play through today with be jumbled and I might miss stuff. Anyways…
I finished some puzzles, and battled some monsters. I then battled papyrus. Flirting with him, and dodging his attacks, I managed to get my date with him (weird, right?) When I met up with him, when dated and then he explained how we were going to be just friends. I left him, and went to a waterfall land. I got some gold, and met a weird octopus who wanted to be my friend. I rushed through a cavern, and probably missed a lot of stuff (I will go back and check later). I met Undyne, and she through spears at me. I dodged, lost her, and got to a piano puzzle. I stopped there so that will be for the next Undertale on Thursday!
In the comments, tell me if you are enjoying this play through and what I should play next. See ya next time!

Btw.. The Riley’s Backpack Art Contest entry period ends Wednesday Aug 17 (this Wednesday). Voting will be until Friday the 19th. Get your votes in!

4 thoughts on “Undertale Ep. 2 Dating a Skeleton

    1. Sorry I rushed through this post. Ima play tomorrow night and make my next post on that. Ask your mom to ask my mom icy can come over then


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