LOTE: Town of Flease

​The town of Flease is the first civilized place you come across in your adventure. There are 8 main buildings in Flease, along with a few houses.

1- Town Hall, where you can find the mayor snoozing behind his desk, and the Secretary playing Undertale, frustrated by the Sans fight.

2- McRonalds, where you can buy overpriced food, which only really hurts your body anyways.

3- The Bank, a place where you can store all your Monies, wirhout the risk of losing it all in a lost fight. He bank attendant remembers all the punchlines, and none of the set-ups.

4- The Sleazy Motel, a place where you can get a room for the night for 5 Monies. Decoration includes a body shaped chalk figure on the ground.

5- Police HQ, where you can conversate with some bored cops, and occasionally get a donut. When your reputation is over 7, you are allowed in the back room.

6- The Arcade, where you can practice type-battle fighting, and side-battle fighting, along with win some prizes by beating NPCs at friendly spars.

7- The Insane Asylum, where you are sent if you question the police. To escape you have to complete some relatively easy sanity tests.

8- The Score, an inclusive club. You can only go in once your reputation is up to 15.

Along with these main public buildings, there are about 6 houses in town.

1- The Moose Family, with 7 kids, the parents are worn out, and are immigrants from a different nation aside from the Land Of The Elves. This is why they are animals..

2- The sheriff’s house, knock near midnight for a bad time.

3- Deputy Bill and Bank Accountant Roger’s house, after doing the same thing for years, they both crave adventure.

4-Mayor Michael and Club Owner       Jill’s house. They haven’t gotten married yet, but have been dating for 3.63 years!

5- Empty

6- Haunted House, the evil humans used to congregate here.

Thanks for reading..

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