How To: Do Your Homework Efficiently

​Hello there, may I just comment on how SILENT GREEN IS MADE OF PEEEEOPPPLLLLEEEE. 

Today I’m going to be telling silent green, uh, I mean you, how to successfully manage your homework!

STEP 1: Make a space for your homework! Find an area in your house that is usually free of distractions, somewhere quiet, with no annoying siblings or outside noise! If you can’t find a place like that, you can usually just go to the library!

Or, if there is no library nearby, you can trick your siblings into going somewhere else. For example, when I wanna be alone, I go into the living room, and turn on some movie that they like, sit down for the first 10 minutes, then leave. They stay!
STEP 2: Find some good music. I recommend either classical or jazz. Find just the right playlist, and you have the key to do I homework efficiently. Usually, I just go on YouTube, type in homework music, and it pops up with like a 2-hour long video of a bunch of songs MADE for helping YOU finish that essay.

STEP 3: Stop procrastinating! If you put your homework off for later, you are probably just gonna forget it. Always make sure you get it in on time, or your screwed..

Alternatively, you can do what I do, which is finish everything either in class while the teacher is talking, or in the car ride to school 😉

Thanks for reading this far buddy, cya l8r..

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