LOTE: Game Mechanics

Hello there, today I’ll be enlightening you on how some of the mechanics in Land Of The Elves will work. Such as Save, Reputation, and Combat. So yea. I’m working hard on this, and  I’m going to be taking a video game coding class later this year, so by then I’ll have everything sorted out. It’ll work!!

You can save whenever you want by pressing S on your keyboard. When you and Prosper originally arrive, elves are terrified of you, because they have only heard stories about previous humans who have come and murdered or conquered. The more you talk to and give things to elves and enemies, the better your reputation will get, so more people from  different towns will come out of their houses and talk to you or sell to you, or even spar. Combat is a typing-based system, where you deal more damage based on how well you type the sentence, and how fast. The sentences will usually be: (Your name) swipes at (enemy name) using their (weapon name). Every once and a while an enemy challenges you and mixes it up a bit by making numeric codes, or only showing you the sentence for a few seconds and testing your memory. Interaction with NPCs, is largely determined by your reputation. The better kind of person you seem, the more people will trust you. And you will be able to obtain better gear, find better quests, and make loads of friends! Reputation goes as far as to determine which boss you fight at the end of the game. If you don’t kill people, you end up fighting an (SPOILEEEEEEER) If you kill everything you encounter, the game becomes harder because elves won’t sell you the best merchandise. You end up fighting (SPOILER) during the end of the game if you do that.

Also, in the boss battles, there is a second thing to pay attention to, as each boss creates their own side mini game to complete WHILE you type. Minor SPOILER: The first boss of the game, Angry Merchant, has you dodge coins that he throws at you. To dodge them, you use the arrow keys.

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