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Undertale Ep. 1 The Goat Mom Strikes Back

I have started playing undertale, the only RPG were you don’t have to kill anything. Since I didn’t think about posting this before I started the game, I will just recap for this Episode.


SO I started playing Undertale, and I woke up and walked into a room. In the room there was a pleasant talking flower. It explained to me that this game your heart is your soul and love is spread with “friendliness pellets”. Then he fired friendliness pellets at me and I took damage. afterwards he explained that the game was kill or be killed and all that crap.

Then this goat came into the room, and rescued me from Flowey. The goats name is Toriel, but I call her Goat Mom (we’ll get to why in a second). Toriel explained some mechanics and sent me through some puzzles, holding my hand all the way. When I was alone, she called me on my phone and asked if I liked cinnamon or butterscotch better. I said cinnamon and she made sure that I was not opposed to butterscotch.

When I got to her house, she gave me a butterscotch-cinnamon pie. I asked her when I could leave, and followed her down a dark passage-way in the basement. Then I fought her after she wouldn’t let me go. SHE was the first boss!

After I got to one HP, she didn’t hit me any more cause she didn’t wan me to die. Finally, she hugged me and let me go.


Continued in the next episode of Undertale  on Monday!

Comment if you have played Undertale and whether you were Pacifist, Mass-Murderer, or somewhere in between.


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