LOTE: Area 1 Details Preview

​I’m working on the story and details for a video game I hope to make later. The game is called The Land Of The Elves, and is a RPG/Puzzle game, where you and your brother Prosper get stuck under the covers in the land of the elves. I’ve been pouring my free time into writing all the details I want in the game, like a Dum Cheese poster on the wall, or a real life painting I made called ‘The Blue Rainbow’ in the hallway. I’ve already added a few secrets, but I won’t spoil it cause you guys are probably going to be the only ones playing it whenever it does come out 😀

Instead, I’m going to give you a small preview of the Area 1 Details. Please note, this is not the final draft, or the game. It’s just me writing down allllllllllll the details that I would probably forget if I didn’t write them down.

In Area 1, you are Inside a house with thunderstorms raging outside, and your brother talking to you about how bored he is. He is younger than you , and his name is Prosper. He laughs, telling you he would find something to do. When he walks out of the room, the game explains the controls. On the wall is a drawing of Dum Cheese. The closet is full of clothes. There are two beds in the room, one is messy and one is clean. If you try to interact with the bed, you hear a growl. The hallway is mostly empty, aside from the blue rainbow painting. There are three doors, one leads to the kitchen, one to the basement, and one with Prospers speech bubble coming from, which is the bedroom. You are able to explore the house, but the basement door is locked.
Ssssshhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone, but there’s stuff in the basement…

Thanks for reading this far. Make sure to leave a comment or send me a telepathic message, cause they really make my day.


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