New Classes

Yesterday, me and Jamie were trying to get into more advanced classes, so we went to the office. We talked to a secretary (I think) and we got sorted into 9th grade Physical Science and Integrated Math. Science is easy, but the math is really difficult because I missed 7th and 8th grade math classes. (I just started 7th). But I am confident I’ll catch on!

Also, Jamie downloaded Undertale on his computer so he is going to be doing a series on that in which the first episode should come out tonight.

2 thoughts on “New Classes

  1. Good for you for challenging yourself!! If you’re struggling with Math, I have the same struggle! I hate math so much. I’ve never understood anything past algebra and I’m in college now. One tool that I can find itself is Wolfram Alpha. It’s a lifesaver! If you type in a math question or even a science question you are having trouble with, it will give you the answer with a step by step of how it got there, so it’s essentially teaching you 🙏 I wish you the best of luck :3

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