How To: Write a Haiku

​Now, I’m no expert, and about half I know about Haikus comes from a funny clip in Avatar: The Last Airbender where a character stumbles into a poetry school, and has a duel of words with the teacher, as all the students are laughing at him.

But anyways, based on my knowledge from that, and some book I read in school about poetry, I’m here to tell you how to write Haikus.

STEP 1: Come up with an idea. Just like when you’re writing stories, you can get writer’s block, so make sure you have a clear understanding about what you’re going to write, or you’re just gonna fail. Like I did the first time 😀

STEP 2: 5-7-5. Here’s the difficult part. After you have your idea, you have to kinda change your words around and find synonyms for words. Let’s say this is your original idea:

I have never eaten cheese

I’m no eater of food, for that’s EVIL


You have to make it so that each line comes up with a certain amount of syllables. Example:

5 – I do not eat cheese

7 – I’m no cannibal, of food

5 – You are not Gouda

There’s the perfect poetry lol.

STEP 3: Getting it out there. Psssst, making a poetry blog is much, much easier than other blogs, cause you are allowed to tag EVERY post with Writing and Poetry. Take it from me, those two words will bring you more popularity than a shout out from a famous blogger. Wanna know why? Think of the millions of people using WordPress, and to a greater extent, the internet, everyday. Writing, Poetry, Food, Music, and Humor are some of the most popular search terms.Other than PewDiePie.

So yep, thanks for reading all this stuff. I got more Brendan music heading your way later today.

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