Student Orientation

So today was student orientation for my school. I went there and sat for a while, then had a donut which they gave out. I saw Riley (DumCheese) who goes to my school as well.


In other news….

I have watched more of the West Wing and it DOESN’T STOP GETTING GOOD! It bumped Agents of Shield From #1 on my TV show list to #2, and took the #1 spot. Recently Sherlock has come across my netflix browser, and it is hovering between second and first with the West Wing.

And my secret project is going well, everything is on track for something you will enjoy.

Oh and back to the topic of school, me and Riley are running for School President and VP. We are going to bribe are way to the top with buttons cupcakes and pencils (believe me, students need pencils).


That’s it for today, see ya later!



P.S, today is Wild Card Thursday, and I haven’t forgotten! My Wild Card will be Saturday this week for reasons I will explain later. 🙂

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