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Pokémon Go Short Story

​Bo woke up, drenched in sweat. He had been dreaming about the new game that recently came out, Pokémon Go. Stumbling over his own feet, he turned on the light then turned his attention to his alarm clock.

5:23, too late to go back to bed, and too early for breakfast, he thought to himself grudgingly.

In the dream, he had been one of those Pokémon, only everything wasn’t as cheery as the game portrayed it. He was on the run, as packs of his own kind were running as fast as they could to escape the giant humans trying to enslave them. The creature to the right of him was caught, wailing as he was zoomed away into a Pokéball. Then, just as Bo ran out of breath, behind him came a giant of himself, and the dream ended just as the giant him was about to capture him.

Glad it was only a dream, Bo wondered why the front door was unlocked. He wandered into the kitchen to grab a snack, but when he opened the fridge door, out popped a Squirtle. Startled, Bo stumbled back into the oven, which creaked open to reveal a Charmander. They started talking in a deep gravelly voice, “Bo! You have seen the truth behind the charade! Go and stop people from playing this ‘game’.” 

Totally and utterly confused, Bo just stood there with his mouth open until the creatures disapeared from his vision, leaving only the kitchen, fridge and oven open, cracks of sunlight spilling through the closed blinds.

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