Dad’s Work (AKA Paradise)

I rode the bus to my Dad’s work yesterday and stayed with him throughout the day. This is my continuation of a status update I did in my last post. It was awesome!

My dad works at the Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Admissions Office, so he works with admitting students in to the school. His official title is “Interactive Project Strategist”, but that doesn’t really describe his job. He does social media and internet stuff for Vanderbilt. Stuff like Vandy’s Undergraduate Admissions’ Instagram and Snapchat, as well as their blog and virtual tours. I think it is pretty cool.

When we got to his work, we sat down and talked about me riding the bus to the main branch of the library.

Let me stop here and say that when he first got this job he worked in this tiny little cubicle. But through a series of happy events, he got this HUGE office with a sitting desk that can be lifted to become standing, 2 computer monitors, a conference room, and a really cool window. Anyways…

I sat at a table in his office, and found the route to the library. I took his phone (mine doesn’t work properly) and I caught some Pokemon at the library, and checked out some books.

Then I went back to his office and played around on my computer. Then he and I walked around campus for about half and hour then he got back to work. I got his phone and continued to walk around campus collecting Pokemon and battling at gyms. Then I went back to his office, worked on my secret project, and went home. It was a great day and when I grow up, I want to be an Interactive Project Strategist!

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