I haven’t posted in what, 2 days? I’ve just been so busy with my SECRET PROJECT!

And it will have a teaser trailer out in… 2 weeks! Sorry for the delay, it’s taking a long time. But I hope you will like it!


In other news, status updates on stuff!

First Update: I went to work with my dad yesterday. I rode the bus to work with him. I went because I was practicing riding the bus for when I ride to school this school year! It was awesome and I will be posting about that in detail later today.

Second: My Wild Card Thursday tomorrow with just be an introduction, and my next will be one of your suggestions so PLEASE comment your suggestions.

Third: In a few months I will be able to get a device that supports Pokemon Go, so I’ll write about that!

Fourth: I have watched episodes 1 2 and half of episode 3 in Sherlock (each episode is 1:30 hours) and the’re are awesome!!

And lastly, I’ve decided on my comic book character. It is…..PB&JAMES! I heard it and I just loved it. I will contact dum about putting him in comics and stuff.

That’s it for today!


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