Clash of Clans War – Polar Cheese VS. DeadPool

​When I first saw who we were up against I nearly fainted. But then I remembered! Deadpool doesn’t target the Archer Queen, because he is madly in love with her daughter, the Archer! My clan and I will all get our queens and place them in a large circle around the assasin, and take him out!

Then I realized it was just a cruddy level 2 clan NAMED after Deadpool. All my plans ruined. My life’s purpose declared meaningless, I shrank into the shadows, and I was never seen again……...

Anyways, we won this war really easily, and I don’t think the other team is gonna be catching up anytime soon, so here’s the score

On DumCheese (TH 9), I attacked 2 and 4, getting three-stars each time, and on GrilledCheese (TH 6), I hit 9 and 10, getting me a perfect war on both accounts, and bringing in 12 of our stars. 

Poor Zwiggler (New TH 8) just can’t seem to three star lately, and he ended up with a 74% two star on 5, but hopefully, The-Dark-Hound will clean-up getting us up to 28.

Alex hit 1 and 3, getting two stars on each, he really needs to work on his offense instead of defense, cause it’s giving him harder opponents while he doesn’t have the troops to deal with thier bases.

Yea well that’s it..

I finished Season 5 of Lost last night..


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