Hatching A 10km Egg! Pokémon Go

​Hello there, today, as the title suggests, we will be hatching my first ten kilometer egg! It took forever :P, but I got it to 9.5/10. Unfortunately, its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hot to go out walking, the “Feels Like” is 109°F. Which is too much for me. 

Today we are going to visit my grandma, so I’ll just turn the app on while we drive. Did I mention, I’m an evil genius. 

In other news, my brother is learning to play Megalovania on the piano, which is from the game Undertale. It’s the most difficult song he has tried to play so far. I mean, seriously, look up Megalovania Piano on YouTube.

I downloaded a few of the songs from the Undertale soundtrack, and Blurryface by 21 Pilots.

But yea, anyways what did we get from the egg??? Its hatching! Its cracking! Its bursting open! And its a… 

Hitmonlee! I didn’t have one of these yet, and it gave me 1650 EXP, which is insane.. I’m nearly to Level Ten, then i’ll be able to get Greatballs. Oh waitaminute its a Starmie! Lets give it a razzberry (was raspberry copyrighted), and twirl the ball aaaaaaaand we got it first try with a curveball!!

Welp thats it for today.. do you want me to continue Pokémon Go?

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