1,001th Post!

Yeah so It’s Jamesblonde1 who is not super active on tis blog but more active than Maz so yay for me!

The reason I haven’t been active is I have been at my grandparents house, then camp, than St. Louis, then my OTHER grandparents house… the point is I have been busy. But fear no more! Unlike the Dum Cheese universe character Riley briefly created for me in the Spring of 2014 James the Jam, I am here to stay. BTW James the Jam was never in a comic or a post, but it did happen!


forgets what post is about and goes to make jam sandwich

Well anyways, I promise I will post a lot and hopefully get as many likes as DumCheese!

Also I will see Riley at the beginning of school, so hopefully we can do some blog stuff/YouTube vids then!


So sometime later today I will be posting my top ten books, and tomorrow I will post as well.


Hope you enjoyed this special 1,001th post!

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