1,000th Post Stuff!!

It’s our thousandth post woooooo! That’s ONE THOUSAND different times I have randomly added something to your inbox. ONE THOUSAND times I have posted something pointless! Time for math :D, but don’t worry it’s easy. We have 13,171 views at the moment. When we divide 13,171 by 1,000, you get 13.171. So on average, everything I post gets about 13 views. Think that’s cool? No? Well this is! So far on the blog, we have gotten 2,860 likes! When we divide that we get 2.86, which rounds to 3. On average we get 3 likes per post.

Also, stats have been down the last couple days, so let’s get em back up. This year I’m hoping to beat 2014 in views, got over 5,000 that year so it’s going to be difficult. But I BELIEVE I can do it by posting a bunch of posts that take like 3 minutes to read, unlike this one, show me we are worthy of the holy rileysbackpack.com

Now let’s take a brief tour in history through the phases of Rileys Backpack.

At first, the random things phase, where I posted a bunch of weird stuff.

Then, the Minecraft phase, the result of which is this page.

After, the reblog phase, where 80% of my posts were shared.

Later, the comments time, when I amassed like 5,000 views in 2014.

Then I was pretty inactive in 2015. 

I started posting normal again in early 2016, in the life phase.

And then in 2017, I was amazed by the hundreds of millions of views we got during 2016.

Oh darn I just jinxed it. Thanks for reading, help undo my jinx by viewing my posts hundreds of thousands of timed, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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