The True Pokémon Library

​Hello there my fellow Red Team Trainers! And if you’re not on the Red Team.. well… good luck 


So you’re probably wondering what i’m talking about. And of course, its a Pokémon Go thing. There are three teams, Yellow, Blue, and Red. I joined Red!

This morning my mom drove me to the library, because, 1. There was THE TRUTH BOOTH there, and 2. I needed to become the very best!

Like most logical digit-users, let’s start with one.

When we got inside I was suprised, because I thought it was going to be a little thing kinda like the Tardis. Instead, it was a giant speech bubble, with the word TRUTH emblazoned across the front.

Don’t I look amazing

When I first got there I didn’t really know what I would say, so I brainstormed, and came up with my magnificent idea. BOOKS! Once it’s your turn to go, you pretty much just walk into the speech bubble, and there’s a small recording booth with a camera and everything. My truth telling time in the booth lasted in total about 45 seconds because I kinda choked after getting my main gist out there.

Time for, what usually comes after one, two!

After the Truth Booth, we strolled around the library, which may I mention has FOUR pokéstops.. I caught a load of Zubats and evolved my best one into a Golbat, which is now my second best Pokémon, only under the beast, Vaporeon, which has 717 CP, and i’m still working on him. Also I found enough Pidgeys to evolve my Pidgeotto “Roo” to become my Pidgeot “Roo”. Also battled at my first gym near some church, I beat the first opponent, and just barely lost my second match. But I helped the Red Team so boo yah!

If you actually read all that and are down here now, leave a comment telling me you did 😀

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